This Week’s Christmas Not-To-Do-Yet List


Here is a list of Christmas preparations I didn’t do this week:

1) Decorate my house. If I do it now, I’m tired of it by Christmas.

2) Buy from any of the Christmas displays I saw in stores this week.

3) Sing along to Christmas music, which I did hear little snippets of on TV and radio. Same reason as #1.

4) Watch any of the Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. Yes, they already have Christmas specials on just about every day. I’m seeing the ads on other channels.

5) Baking or card writing. I have done these things in other years, when I subscribed to the “plan way ahead” method of Christmas preparation. My stress level has lowered considerably since I abandoned that method in favor of the “keeping Christmas in perspective as one day of the year” method.

I’m not against some level of planning ahead; however, intensive planning this far ahead doesn’t really lower my stress level much. Instead, I find that I’m at a heightened level of busy-ness for close to two months, and by Christmas day, I am exhausted. It takes most of the week between Christmas and New Year’s to recover.

I have decided this is too much to put into one day or holiday. Being intentional about keeping things simpler and less time consuming relieves my stress and is a better reflection of my beliefs.

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